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Date of Birth : 15 March 1992 ,
Birth Name : Sosie Ruth Bacon
Nickname : Sosie
Height : 5ft 5.7in(167cm)
Sign : Pisces
Hair : Brown

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Sosie Ruth bacon is an American actress. She is the daughter of Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick. She played Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson's niece Charlie in .... Read More


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The Closer (TV Series)

  • Projects Name: The Closer (TV Series) (2005)
  • Also Known As : Maternal Instincts (#5.11)
  • Release Date: 17 August 2009 (USA)
  • Character: Charlie Johnson
  • Rating: 7.4
  • Language: English
  • Country: USA
  • Genre: Crime/Drama/Mystery
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Runtime: 42-60 minutes
  • Tagline: They'll bring you in. She'll make you talk.

The Closer (TV Series) Brenda and the Major Crimes team investigate a school-yard shooting that may have been a drug deal gone bad. A young Hispanic lad, Tomas DeLeon, is killed and an innocent bystander, another boy named Jake Burrell, is seriously wounded. A large amount of marijuana is found at the scene and from the fancy SUV he was driving, there is little doubt that DeLeon was the dealer. In reviewing the physical evidence however, the police revise their theory about who was the intended victim. Brenda may have stepped over the line when she uses her visiting niece Charlie to get information from Jake. Meanwhile, Provenza makes a potentially life altering decision. Written by garykmcd